Ours is a really lovely church and we are blessed that it is inside very large well-gardened grounds and surrounded by interesting historic buildings. The church is large with enough parking which is why we are able to attract large numbers regularly to our congregation and more so when we are open in a more relaxed and welcoming way for community events such as our annual Thanksgiving Show. This year was more spectacular even than others and that's probably as much down to the new stage lighting as to the enthusiastic audience we attracted.

Church Stage Lighting Tips

The lighting was installed for free by a local business whose Head is a devout churchgoer of ours and we cannot thank him enough. I recently took some amazing photographs of our church's Thanksgiving and they show off how really swish our church stage lighting is. We had put on a whole show with a range of live music showing lots of wonderful local talent and I took the photo from right at the front with all the performers, a lot on our small stage but others up behind and to the sides and front. I really think it could be a competition winner! If I do win I'll add it to the money we raised that day which all went to offer substantial support to our local soup kitchens.

The stage is a portable one and it's perfect for our needs as it can be set up easily by just two people and has steps, ramps and guardrails for safety and we welcome vast range of talent onto it, not just those amongst our regular visitors or the committee who co-ordinate the events like Thanksgiving but to a growing number of performances. But none of this would mean a thing in our church without the new church stage lighting and everyone on the committee feel that it will surely attract many more new members to come and has undoubtedly placed us firmly at the top of our community's facilities offering not just a warm and welcome fixture for worship but for all kinds of events.